Viore V42NAFC Review

Viore-V42NAFCViore V42NAFC - Good For Any Budget

The current market for affordable hi-def televisions is a cut-throat business. The various brands currently in this niche have to struggle between each other in constant ebb and flow currents of trend and innovation. While this is generally not that great for the companies vying for the average consumer's attention it is quite excellent for the consumers themselves.

The Viore V42NAFC 42 inch HDTV is in a category most would call "budget". This stands for low-budget. Immediately most individuals will wrongfully assume this will also equate with poor quality or shoddy workmanship. This is not the case.

The Viore V42NAFC is a solid and reliable television that supports the 720p level of hi-definition quality. The LCD screen has higher than standard capacity for this type of technology and displays images well. The black-level and dynamic color scheme blend well with only a minimum of motion blurring and distortion.

The surround sound system is clear and plays well at the uppermost ranges of the volume control. While this set could benefit from an externally added sound system it isn't strictly necessary. The built-in speaker system works perfectly fine for the average viewer. The price tag on this particular model is worthy of note due to its reasonable stature. Typically the Viore V42NAFC will cost anywhere from four hundred to six hundred fifty dollars American. This, of course, will vary with the store. Wal-Mart, for instance, has this model listed on their website for five hundred ninety-nine dollars and some change.

Overall this set has many interesting facets and each of them works well. This set is rated at just over four stars. With a little tinkering overall it could have been a high-end HDTV but the entire point was to create a lower priced model for the average consumer looking for hi-definition without excessive price.

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